Welcome to

  the Hive

 service network.


  Retail services are programs

executed to create value for a vendor or retailer.

The Hive is a consortium of specialized, high-quality retail service companies. As the service management pillar of the Creative Partners Group, the Hive business model is based on creating and managing custom support structures tailored to specific retail needs.


From strategy and planning, to concept, to roll-out and execution, the Hive provides retailers and vendors with greater control, transparency and accountability to in-store activity than ever before.


While there are multiple retail service companies that specialize in various retailers and various categories, the Hive has industry expertise to bring you:

Selecting the Right Partner

Knowing which company has the expertise and operational effectiveness to perform the services our clients require.

Consulting Service

Working with our clients to create unbiased solutions that are dictated to our service company partners.

Monitoring Quality

Highly trained staff achieving high completion rates with our customers' interests and standards in mind.

Finding the Right Price

Negotiating a fair price for each type of service in each category, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

Reporting Results

Ensuring our clients receive quality reporting that provides meaningful data relating to their products on the shelf.

Increasing Analytics Levels

Providing in-house management to measure the return on investment for our clients correlated to POS data.

While the range of services is broad, the applications are specific and targeted.

  • Merchandising

  • Product Management

  • Retail Insights

  • Ambassador Services

  • New Store Set-Ups & Installation Services

Key services 

 provided by the Hive:



Employing a concierge to represent your brand in-store enables your products to be brought directly to active shoppers, delivering suggestions, advice and brand validation. Best-in-class brand ambassadorship drives awareness and incents purchase.





Ensuring product is in stock and on shelves usually falls within a store employee's responsibility, however the mass retail landscape is vast, presenting challenges to diligent oversight of your brand on shelf.


The Hive connects the right service vendor to a given brand or product, delivering greater frequency of inventory checks and oversight of store inventories.


  • Confirm product is on shelf

  • Using exclusive back room access, replenish openings in store

  • Identify supply issues if the store is out of stock

  • Reactive supply and replenishment process





Most service providers currently generate reports that provide details on compliance and completion rates, however the measurement of effectiveness of these services is unique to the Hive.


By confirming job content and completion, diving deeper into the details and ensuring that the best possible service provider is connected to your brand, the Hive helps drive greater ROI in service.





The Hive's exclusive technology platform empowers vendors and retailers alike with core insights and reporting tools that provide real-time visuals and tracking: ultimately, total transparency.


  • When are stores being serviced

  • Who is doing the work

  • What was accomplished

  • What kind of impact was made